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The Basics of Content Marketing & Development

The Basics of Content Marketing & Development

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Content marketing is fast becoming the #1 way to drive traffic to your website, pull in new leads, and regularly communicate your business’s value to your audience. 

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing attracts and retains customers—period. By offering your specific target audience information and resources on an ongoing basis, you create loyalty to your brand within that audience. Plus, you give website visitors a reason to return to your website.

Forward-thinking businesses and non-profits are recognizing the critical role that content marketing must play in their marketing plans. Some even employ full-time content developers, while others might hire a team (ahem, like Enve) to create industry-specific content for them. Continue reading “The Basics of Content Marketing & Development” »

Building a Killer About Us Page

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The #1 brand identifier other than the homepage on a company’s website is the About page. Once just a place for a stale retelling of the company’s history, the About page has been transformed into a statement of attitude and philosophy.

  • What’s your mission?
  • How do you carry it out?
  • How do you interact with the community?
  • What is the general attitude of your management and staff?

On your About page, you can exemplify your business or organization’s true identity (and you should)! Continue reading “Building a Killer About Us Page” »

Save your clients from the jungle.

Effective Website Content Saves Prospects from the Jungle

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Save your clients from the jungle.Many people have a hard time understanding why writing copy for a website is different from writing copy for anything else. It’s not unusual. When you’re putting together text, images, video, and audio for your website, you’re beginning a process called content development.

If you’ve been tasked with putting content together for your website, it’s important that you keep the following tips in mind. Continue reading “Effective Website Content Saves Prospects from the Jungle” »