Twitter Analytics for Followers

Tweet with Better Results Using Twitter Analytics

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For those not steeped in pop culture or trending news, Twitter sometimes feels like a complete waste of time. You put information out there and whether or not someone actually responds to it is hit-or-miss.

Twitter has recently introduced a free tool called Twitter Analytics to help better inform you about how your posts are trending. Like the ever-popular Google Analytics, having data from Twitter that you can reference should help you to make more informed decisions about what, when, and how to tweet your links, media, and thoughts. Continue reading “Tweet with Better Results Using Twitter Analytics” »

Online Survey Responses

One Simple Way to Get Customer Feedback, Increase User Registrations, and Lower Cart Abandonment

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Online Survey Popups Suck

They smack you in the face as you’re surfing the Internet. Whether it’s a big-name retailer or a news site, everyone wants to know what you think—usually before you’ve even had a chance to look at the site!—and they often do it through those annoying survey popups.

Survey Popups SuckDo you fill them out? I don’t. In fact, I close them with an ire that seems almost demonic—“As if I’d share my thoughts with the likes of you, corporate overlord!”

I don’t know one person who stops to fill out those surveys—or who will respond to any popup on a website nowadays no matter what they’re offering.

Continue reading “One Simple Way to Get Customer Feedback, Increase User Registrations, and Lower Cart Abandonment” »

Conversation with Clients

Why You Should Ask Your Customers, “Are You Happy?”

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For consultants, freelancers, and other service providers, the potential to receive negative feedback is a strong deterrent to asking the very critical question: Are you happy?

In our last blog post, “Andrew Carnegie Paid $10K for This Business Advice,” we encouraged you to open up a dialogue with your customers, as a means to generate critical feedback and form a well-thought-out plan for marketing campaigns and increasing exposure for your brand.

Your customer base is your #1 commodity, not just for generating sales but for providing you with worthwhile feedback from which to grow and change your organization. It’s important to ask the question, but most are too shy or afraid. Continue reading “Why You Should Ask Your Customers, “Are You Happy?”” »